Storm CAT2 Dual Dispersion Toned / Semi-Transparent Stain

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Available in six premixed colors, Storm System’s low VOC* Dual Dispersion one-coat technology provides the best features of traditional oil based paints and latex paints. This Dual Dispersion Toned finish is designed for wood, in order to accentuate your surface’s natural beauty. It has the excellent flow, leveling and durability of oil-based paint with and fast dry time and soap and water clean-up of latex paint. Trans-Oxide pigments give a longer life and deeper (richer) look than competing semi transparent products. Dual Dispersion Toned Finishes will resist cracking, peeling, blistering, and moisture.

Category 2 features toners and semi-transparent finishes . They provide a hint of color while still permitting the texture and wood grain to show through. With more pigment comes LIGHT UV protection